Ad-enabled Video Player

In brief, an ad-enabled video player is a video player technology that enables integrating video content and…Continue readingAd-enabled Video Player

Outstream Video Advertising

As opposed to in-stream video, out-stream video ads are designed to play in non-video environments, e.g. pieces…Continue readingOutstream Video Advertising

Outstream Video Ad Formats

Designed to display video ads in the non-video content environment, outstream video advertising has emerged as a…Continue readingOutstream Video Ad Formats

Video Ad Server

A video ad server is a software platform that enables configuring & managing online video ad campaigns,…Continue readingVideo Ad Server

Programmatic Video Advertising

Programmatic video advertising refers to the practice of buying ad inventory with specific prerequisites using automated, complex…Continue readingProgrammatic Video Advertising

Video Header Bidding

There are two major ad buying approaches currently distinguished in programmatic video advertising: ad waterfalling and header…Continue readingVideo Header Bidding

Brand Safety

If defined shortly, brand safety refers to a set of measures applied to ensure the protection of…Continue readingBrand Safety

Ads.txt Initiative

Ads.txt initiative refers to the Authorized Digital Sellers project by IAB Tech Lab, aimed at increasing transparency…Continue readingAds.txt Initiative