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Innovative Outstream Video Advertising Solutions | AdPlayer.Pro
Ad-Enabled Video Player
Integrate outstream and instream video ads effortlessly using the in-built responsive HTML5 player technology with powerful ad capabilities
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Video Ad Server
Utilize a feature-rich video ad serving platform, powered by the robust ad-enabled video player, to streamline video ad campaign setup & launch
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White Label Solution
Leverage a fully-customizable white label solution with broad branding capabilities to maximize your business revenue results
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Why You Should Work with AdPlayer.Pro

Robust Video Advertising Player
Ensure fast & easy integration of outstream video ads into publishers’ websites using the lightweight, responsive HTML5 video player, compliant with IAB VAST/ SIMID/OMID, Google IMA ad frameworks.
Highly Viewable Video Ad Units
Achieve maximum video ad viewability working with a wide selection of outstream (InPage, InView, InBanner and a variety of Sticky video ads) and instream video ad units.
Advanced Self-Serve Platform
Ensure maximum video ad campaign efficiency for your Supply and Demand partners using the innovative AdPlayer.Pro video ad serving and management platform.
Pain-Free Integration
Set up and manage video ad campaign settings via AdPlayer.Pro dashboard, or configure video ad player instance, layout and on-page behavior by specifying player JS code parameters.
Volume-Based Pricing
Get the most of AdPlayer.Pro’s outstream SaaS tech at the most suitable price by selecting your preferable package among a broad range of volume-based options.
Dedicated Customer Support
Ensure the smooth onboarding, ongoing implementation and setup with the AdPlayer.Pro proactive account management, client assistance and tech support 24/7.
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