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Innovative Outstream Video Advertising Solutions | AdPlayer.Pro
Ad-Enabled Video Player
Integrate highly-viewable outstream video ads effortlessly using the in-built responsive HTML5 player technology with powerful ad capabilities
Video Ad Player
Outstream Solution
for Publishers
Monetize editorial content outside the conventional video stream using the premium outstream solution with advanced monetization features
for Publishers
Outstream Video Marketplace
for Advertisers
Access new sources of premium editorial inventory from our trusted partners and increase video ad reach across all browsers and screens
for Advertisers

Why You Should Work with AdPlayer.Pro

For Brands & Publishers
New Video Inventory
Make use of outstream video ad units to unlock incremental ad revenue source for your editorial content; or drive the performance of your brand’s video ads.
Non-intrusive Ad Experience
Respect your audience and improve their advertising experience by opting for non-intrusive outstream video ad formats.
High Ad Effectiveness
Increase ad viewability, achieve higher KPIs and greater versatility using simple, visually appealing outstream video formats.
Cross-Screen Fulfillment
Maximize audience reach of your video ad campaigns across all devices using the AdPlayer.Pro ad-enabled video player.
Easy Video Ad Integration
Integrate outstream video ads into your website using AdPlayer.Pro HTML5 player tags quickly and easily to maximize monetization opportunities for your editorial content.
In-Built Video Ad Player
Take advantage of the lightweight, easy to customize video ad player, compliant with IAB VAST/ VPAID and Google IMA ad frameworks.
For Corporate Clients
Ad-Enabled Video Player
Ensure fast & easy integration of outstream video ads into publishers’ websites using the lightweight, responsive HTML5 player, compliant with IAB VAST/ VPAID and Google IMA ad frameworks.
Advanced Self-Serve Platform
Ensure maximum video ad campaign efficiency for your Supply and Demand partners using the innovative AdPlayer.Pro video ad serving and management platform.
Pain-Free Integration
Set up and manage video ad campaign settings via AdPlayer.Pro dashboard, or configure video ad player instance, layout and on-page behaviour by specifying player JS code parameters.
Dedicated Customer Support
Ensure the smooth onboarding, ongoing implementation and setup with the AdPlayer.Pro proactive account management, client assistance and tech support 24/7.

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