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SaaS Reseller Program

Resell best-in-class outstream video ads solutions with your brand

Bring in more revenue for your business and expand your market reach by becoming a certified AdPlayer.Pro Software Reseller Partner.

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SaaS Reseller Program | AdPlayer.Pro

AdPlayer.Pro Reseller Program Benefits

Robust Technology Portfolio
  • Lightweight, responsive HTML5 video ad player, compliant with 3rd-party ad serving solutions, with broad video ad format support (outstream & instream)
  • Feature-rich video ad server and video ad management platform with advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, video header bidding support, video hosting options, and more.
Advanced Re-Branding & Personalization
  • Fully-customizable ad-enabled video player
  • Broad re-branding capabilities for the entire ecosystem (domains, certificates, etc.)
  • Robust API framework
  • Custom feature development upon request
Incremental Revenue Capabilities
  • Ability to connect partners to your proprietary video ad marketplace
  • Available for existing enterprise clients of AdPlayer.Pro, as well as a reseller-only option
Smooth Migration & Onboarding
  • Smooth back-end integration using the HTML5 video player code
  • Live online training & documentation
  • Configuration assistance and dedicated tech support for all implementation processes
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