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Outstream Video Ad formats

Sticky Video Ads

The AdPlayer.Pro Sticky outstream video ad format implies the video player is embedded in page content, yet sticks to the visible screen area, if scrolled out-of-view

  • Exceptional viewability, hence greater performance
  • Customizable player transformation/performance:
  • Player transformation from InPage into InView, if scrolled out-of-view
  • Customizable size: on player launch (InPage) & in "Sticky" mode (InView)
  • Customizable position: in "Sticky" mode (InView)
  • Sticky ad format variations:
  • "Reverse Sticky": the video player launches as Sticky, then changes to InPage/InBanner, when gets in readers' view
  • "Flexible Sticky": the player is in Sticky mode only during ad content display, then switches off (on display of video content)
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