IAB Diligence Platform

The IAB Diligence Platform is IAB’s data privacy compliance initiative, aimed at standardizing vendors’ privacy accountability across…Continue readingIAB Diligence Platform

Fenced Frames

Fenced Frames are known as one of Google’s Privacy Sandbox features and refer to an HTML element,…Continue readingFenced Frames

Second-price Auction

Second-price auction is one of the bidding models in programmatic advertising, which implies the auction winner pays…Continue readingSecond-price Auction

Bid Enrichment

Bid enrichment refers to the programmatic advertising technique, which enables enhancing traded media inventory with layered data…Continue readingBid Enrichment

MFA Sites

Made-for-advertising (or short: MFA) sites are commonly known to be digital website properties, specifically created for generating…Continue readingMFA Sites

Data Deletion Request Framework

Data Deletion Request Framework is the IAB Tech Lab specification, aimed at providing digital businesses with a…Continue readingData Deletion Request Framework

Duration Floors

Duration Floors refers to an oRTB object, which is aimed at passing the seller’s preferred bid floor…Continue readingDuration Floors

Header Bidding vs OpenRTB

In brief, the key difference between OpenRTB and header bidding is that the former still implies a…Continue readingHeader Bidding vs OpenRTB

Traffic Shaping

In the online advertising context, traffic shaping refers to filtering of the traffic, which doesn’t match a…Continue readingTraffic Shaping

Apple’s Privacy Manifests

In brief, Privacy Manifests are one of Apple’s initiatives, aimed at promoting greater transparency in terms of…Continue readingApple’s Privacy Manifests