Data Clean Room

Data clean room is a term that encompasses a privacy-safe environment for creating joint datasets, frequently utilized…Continue readingData Clean Room


SHARC stands for Secure HTML Ad Rich-media Container and refers to the IAB Tech Lab’s initiative, primarily…Continue readingSHARC

Digital Markets Act

In brief, Digital Markets Act (or shortly: DMA) is the European Commission proposal, aimed at regulating the…Continue readingDigital Markets Act

Web 3.0

In brief, Web 3.0 (also known as Web3) is somewhat an umbrella term for the next iteration…Continue readingWeb 3.0

IAB Tech Lab’s PETs

In plain words, Privacy Enhancing Technologies (or shortly, PETs) imply an ecosystem of IAB Tech Lab’s solutions,…Continue readingIAB Tech Lab’s PETs

Google’s Topics API

In brief, the Topics API refers to Google’s recent initiative on the replacement of third-party cookies, which…Continue readingGoogle’s Topics API

Automated Content Recognition

Automated Content Recognition (or shortly, ACR) is the technology, which implies the identification of the content, streamed…Continue readingAutomated Content Recognition


In brief, ads.cert is the IAB Tech Lab’s tech specification, aimed at providing higher ad auction integrity…Continue readingAds.cert

Ad Pod Bidding

In plain words, ad pod bidding refers to the functionality in CTV advertising, which enables to auction…Continue readingAd Pod Bidding


MUM stands for Multitask Unified Model and refers to the AI feature in Google Search, specifically aimed…Continue readingMUM