Fenced Frames

Fenced Frames are known as one of Google’s Privacy Sandbox features and refer to an HTML element,…Continue readingFenced Frames

Audience Addressability

The notion of addressable audience refers to the estimated total number of the brand’s target customers, potentially…Continue readingAudience Addressability

Marketing Efficiency Ratio

Marketing efficiency ratio (or short: MER) is one of the ways to measure the efficiency of a…Continue readingMarketing Efficiency Ratio

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 (or short: GA4) refers to the next generation of Google’s online measurement solutions, which…Continue readingGoogle Analytics 4


In brief, SCID stands for the “shared campaign identifier” and refers to the technical specification, aimed at…Continue readingSCID

Project Rearc

Project Rearc is the IAB Tech Lab’s initiative, aimed at addressing the core challenges and restructuring the…Continue readingProject Rearc

Ads Data Hub

In brief, Ads Data Hub (or shorter, ADH) refers to Google’s martech solution, aimed at providing businesses…Continue readingAds Data Hub

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Dynamic Ad Insertion (or shortly DAI) refers to video ad tech that enables to integrate and serve…Continue readingDynamic Ad Insertion

Video Ad Measurement

Even though video remains perhaps the most lucrative niche in digital advertising for quite some time now,…Continue readingVideo Ad Measurement