In brief, trust.txt is a framework, developed by a non-profit organization, which is aimed at fostering…Continue readingTrust.txt

Unified ID 2.0

Unified ID 2.0 (or shortly UID2) refers to the Trade Desk’s initiative, developed as a potential alternative…Continue readingUnified ID 2.0


In brief, FLoC stands for Federated Learning of Cohorts and refers to one of Google’s Privacy Sandbox…Continue readingFLoC


DPIA stands for Data Protection Impact Assessments for Digital Advertising and refers to a standard for risk…Continue readingDPIA

Ads Data Hub

In brief, Ads Data Hub (or shorter, ADH) refers to Google’s martech solution, aimed at providing businesses…Continue readingAds Data Hub

OM SDK for Web Video

In brief, Open Measurement SDK for web video (also: OM Web Video SDK)  refers to a set…Continue readingOM SDK for Web Video

Dynamic Creative Optimization

In short, dynamic creative optimization (DCO) refers to online ad tech that enables delivering highly-personalized advertising messages…Continue readingDynamic Creative Optimization

TCF 2.0

In short, TCF 2.0 (Transparency & Consent Framework v2.0) refers to the second iteration of the framework,…Continue readingTCF 2.0

Dovekey Proposal

In brief, Google’s Dovekey proposal refers to a part of the company’s “Privacy Sandbox” initiative, aimed at…Continue readingDovekey Proposal

Contextual Targeting

Simply put, contextual targeting implies matching inventory with advertising demand based on the relevance of context (usually…Continue readingContextual Targeting