Global Privacy Platform

In brief, Global Privacy Platform (GPP) is the IAB Tech Lab’s initiative, aimed at streamlining technical standards…Continue readingGlobal Privacy Platform


AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages and refers to Google’s open-source project, once founded to enable the…Continue readingAMP

Digital Trust & Safety Partnership

In short, Digital Trust & Safety Partnership is an initiative, aimed at developing a common framework of…Continue readingDigital Trust & Safety Partnership

Apple’s ATT

In plain words, ATT stands for Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency framework that implies users’ authorization of developers’ access to…Continue readingApple’s ATT


In brief, buyers.json refers to the IAB Tech Lab’s buy-side transparency initiative, which enables the verification of…Continue readingBuyers.json

Project Rearc

Project Rearc is the IAB Tech Lab’s initiative, aimed at addressing the core challenges and restructuring the…Continue readingProject Rearc


In brief, trust.txt is a framework, developed by a non-profit organization, which is aimed at fostering…Continue readingTrust.txt

Unified ID 2.0

Unified ID 2.0 (or shortly UID2) refers to the Trade Desk’s initiative, developed as a potential alternative…Continue readingUnified ID 2.0


In brief, FLoC stands for Federated Learning of Cohorts and refers to one of Google’s Privacy Sandbox…Continue readingFLoC


DPIA stands for Data Protection Impact Assessments for Digital Advertising and refers to a standard for risk…Continue readingDPIA