Apple’s Privacy Manifests

In brief, Privacy Manifests are one of Apple’s initiatives, aimed at promoting greater transparency in terms of…Continue readingApple’s Privacy Manifests

Protected Audience API

Protected Audience API is the rebranded version of Google’s Privacy Sandbox Initiative, formerly known as FLEDGE API. …Continue readingProtected Audience API


OPJA stands for Open Private Join and Activation and refers to the IAB tech specification, aimed at…Continue readingOPJA


MSPA stands for Multi-state Privacy Agreement and refers to IAB’s contractual framework, aimed at assisting all parties…Continue readingMSPA


PAIR stands for Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation and refers to the data tech solution, available via Google’s…Continue readingPAIR

Retail Media Advertising

Retail media advertising refers to brands’ advertising of their products and services at retailers’ offline and digital…Continue readingRetail Media Advertising

Audience Addressability

The notion of addressable audience refers to the estimated total number of the brand’s target customers, potentially…Continue readingAudience Addressability

Content Automation

In brief, content automation implies the creation of automated content pieces using a particular set of tools…Continue readingContent Automation

Marketing Efficiency Ratio

Marketing efficiency ratio (or short: MER) is one of the ways to measure the efficiency of a…Continue readingMarketing Efficiency Ratio

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 (or short: GA4) refers to the next generation of Google’s online measurement solutions, which…Continue readingGoogle Analytics 4