Ad Pod Bidding

In plain words, ad pod bidding refers to the functionality in CTV advertising, which enables to auction…Continue readingAd Pod Bidding


MUM stands for Multitask Unified Model and refers to the AI feature in Google Search, specifically aimed…Continue readingMUM


Id-sources.json refers to the tech specification by IAB Tech Lab, specifically aimed at enabling digital businesses to…Continue readingId-sources.json

Google’s Attribution Reporting API

Attribution Reporting API refers to one of Google’s Privacy Sandbox solutions, aimed at helping businesses track digital…Continue readingGoogle’s Attribution Reporting API

Seller-Defined Audiences

Seller-defined audiences (SDA) is the IAB Tech Lab’s specification, developed to address some of the key potential…Continue readingSeller-Defined Audiences


In the digital video context, FAST stands for Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV and refers to a service…Continue readingFAST


PARAKEET stands for “Private and Anonymized Requests for Ads that Keep Efficacy and Enhance Transparency” and refers…Continue readingPARAKEET


In brief, SCID stands for the “shared campaign identifier” and refers to the technical specification, aimed at…Continue readingSCID

Сross-Jurisdiction Privacy Project

In brief, the Cross-Jurisdiction Privacy Project (CJPP) refers to the IAB’s initiative, aimed at providing a thorough…Continue readingСross-Jurisdiction Privacy Project


In brief, the Metaverse ( “meta” (i.e. beyond) + “verse” (from “universe”)), equipped with AR and VR…Continue readingMetaverse