Duration Floors

Duration Floors refers to an oRTB object, which is aimed at passing the seller’s preferred bid floor pricing for a particular duration range of advertising creatives. 

What is the Duration Floors object?

In plain words, the essence of the Duration Floors (durfloors) object implies that inventory sellers provide their minimum bid floors for a specific duration range of video and audio ad creatives. 

Namely, in the video advertising context, contrary to the other, i.e. mincpmpersec OpenRTB object, which implies the bid floor per one viewable second of a video ad (given that bidding on longer video ads commonly implies the higher price), the durfloors object allows determining a non-linear correlation between the viewable duration of video ads and the minimum required price to win the auction for their impression.

For example, the Duration Floors for a video ad may imply the following pricing differences for duration ranges: from $3 CPM for 0-10 seconds to $20 CPM for 20-30 seconds, and higher, in case the seller ensures longer ad viewability, accordingly. 

How to Implement Duration Floors

According to IAB Tech Lab’s guide, specifying Duration Floors for a video ad is possible in the relative, Video object field in the oRTB bid requests (video.durfloors). Similarly, if a seller wishes to specify Duration Floors on the ad deal level, they should pass this info via deal.durfloors.

Note! Only one guidance on the bid floor for a video ad impression should be provided at a time. This means, a seller should provide either video.durfloors, or video.mincpmpersec; and either deal.durfloors, or deal.mincpmpersec, accordingly. 

Perspectives of Adoption

With the Duration Floors specification being open for public comment until October 6, 2023, it’s likely that its implementation won’t be enabled until November 2023 minimum.

However, given the object’s obvious benefits for all parties in the programmatic video advertising supply chain, the probability of its market-wide adoption in future is rather high.

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