Ad-enabled Video Player

In brief, an ad-enabled video player is a video player technology that enables integrating video content and video ad creatives into publisher’s website or mobile app. 

In this respect, the key difference between a plain video player and a video ad player is, in fact, the latter’s compliance with integrating ad creatives, i.e. compliance with IAB’s VAST/VPAID ad standard, at minimum.

What is an HTML5 video player?

The HTML5 markup language, introduced back in 2008, implies using the <video> tag for including video into the HTML markup natively and semantically for smooth playing across browsers.

Upon the deprecation of Adobe Flash Player, the HTML5 specification has become the common standard for video players, including the video ad player solutions. 

HTML5 Video Ad Player Benchmarks 

In spite of a wide variety of the video player software on the market, there is actually a set of benchmarks, which set a high-quality ad-enabled video player apart. 

Among other things, these include: 

  • Compliance with major video ad serving standards (VAST/VPAID (including FreeWheel), Google IMA, MRAID, and more)
  • Fast & flawless video ad delivery across platforms 
  • Pain-free integration with the existing publisher’s advertising stack (ad waterfalls) 
  • Compliance with both the instream & outstream video ad formats
  • Broad customization options, regarding the player skins & features
  • Robust reporting capabilities 
  • Video ad serving features, and much more.

Check out the AdPlayer.Pro guide for publishers to read more about what to be looking for in a video ad player, or head directly to our website to learn more about the AdPlayer.Pro ad-enabled video player features. 

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