Second-Party Data

In brief, second-party data is essentially customer data, directly purchased from the initial data collector, which is…Continue readingSecond-Party Data

Video Ad Measurement

Even though video remains perhaps the most lucrative niche in digital advertising for quite some time now,…Continue readingVideo Ad Measurement

Connected TV Advertising

Over the past years, connected TV advertising has evolved into one of the most rapidly-growing niches in…Continue readingConnected TV Advertising

Ad-enabled Video Player

In brief, an ad-enabled video player is a video player technology that enables integrating video content and…Continue readingAd-enabled Video Player

Outstream Video Advertising

As opposed to in-stream video, out-stream video ads are designed to play in non-video environments, e.g. pieces…Continue readingOutstream Video Advertising

Outstream Video Ad Formats

Designed to display video ads in the non-video content environment, outstream video advertising has emerged as a…Continue readingOutstream Video Ad Formats

Video Ad Server

A video ad server is a software platform that enables configuring & managing online video ad campaigns,…Continue readingVideo Ad Server