Outstream Video Ad Formats

Designed to display video ads in the non-video content environment, outstream video advertising has emerged as a less intrusive, yet more viewable and engaging alternative to often annoying in-stream video ads.

Quite predictably, the outstream video advertising industry has been continuously expanding ever since, with more compelling video ad units being introduced on the market over the past years.

Let’s dive into some of the most popular outstream video ad formats, offered by AdPlayer.Pro in more detail.


Among a wide variety of outstream ad units, InPage remains perhaps the most recognizable one. 

The key distinctive feature of InPage video ads is their integration between the paragraphs of editorial content. The video player with advertising content launches only and when in-view and will pause automatically upon the page scroll.

The ad creative may play automatically, or on-click/on-tap the video, and is muted by default.

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Unlike the InPage units, InView video ads display outside, on top of the main page content, hence always remain in readers’ view. 

The video player slides into the page with the instantly launched ad creative and will automatically collapse, when it ends, unless intentionally closed by a viewer. 

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Sticky is, perhaps, the most peculiar outstream video ad format, which implies a combination of InPage and InView video ads in one. 

Sticky video ads work like this: the ad player first launches a video ad creative in-between the text content (as InPage), then switches to InView in case of the page scroll, so it stays visible on the screen. 

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InApp video ads

Working with outstream video ads in mobile applications unlocks exceptional monetization opportunities for app publishers’ non-video inventory. 

Being natively integrated into the app UI, InApp video ads (InPage & InView) prove highly-viewable, yet non-disruptive for app users. 

As for the implementation aspect, outstream ad units can be integrated into mobile apps either via the video ads SDK, or in a WebView element, based on the customer’s needs. 

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Tip! Learn more on how to take advantage from the outstream video ads in mobile applications in the AdPlayer.Pro guide for app developers.

InBanner video ads

In brief, InBanner video ads are designed for display in a standard banner ad placement, which helps achieve greater viewability, if compared to display ad creatives. 

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Last, but not least…

The AdPlayer.Pro outstream video ad formats also include Rewarded video ads, specifically designed for Web properties.

Similar to the more conventional rewarded ads in mobile apps, Rewarded video ads for Web properties are skippable (yet non-closable) video ad units, offered for watching to website visitors in exchange for a particular reward. 

The duration of an average rewarded video ad on a website usually ranges around 15 seconds, which is just enough to deliver the advertising message and ensure high VTRs. 

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