Outstream Video Advertising

As opposed to in-stream video, out-stream video ads are designed to play in non-video environments, e.g. pieces of editorial (text) content. 

Emerged in an effort to overcome the shortage of in-stream video inventory, low video ad viewability and intrusive advertising experience, outstream video ads enable to prevent viewers’ ad blindness, increase audience engagement and achieve higher VTR.

Given their specifics, outstream video ads imply a variety of benefits for publishers, as well as brand advertisers.

Benefits for Publishers

Outstream video advertising unlocks an incremental ad revenue source for publishers of premium editorial content, allowing them to:

  • smoothly integrate video ads into non-video content environment (on websites and/or in mobile apps);
  • earn extra ad revenue without changing their existing advertising stack;
  • ensure their readers’ non-disruptive ad experience;
  • monetize their inventory directly or programmatically. 

Benefits for Advertisers 

Outstream video ads imply several essential benefits for brands, if compared to the more conventional instream ad units, like pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll. These, namely, include:

  • Access to premium inventory 

In view of the continuous shortage of high-quality, hence more expensive instream video supply, getting access to extra sources of premium inventory, and more importantly for the relatively lower price, obviously, provides valuable leverage to video advertisers and ad agencies.

  • Greater viewability across platforms

Specifically designed to launch only when in reader’s view, outstream video ads prove exceptionally viewable on desktop & mobile web, as well as in mobile applications.

In addition, the use of a responsive IAB-compliant ad-enabled video player for integration allows ensuring fast and flawless ad delivery across all browsers.. 

  • Higher engagement with ads

Сontrarily to instream ad units, outstream video advertising, developed around the user-centric approach, enables providing the less intrusive advertising experience to viewers.

Most outstream video ad formats imply the video ad content launches muted and automatically pauses on further scroll down the page, which helps capture readers’ attention without being irritating, hence preventing their ad blindness.

Check out the AdPlayer.Pro guide for advertisers to read more about how to take advantage of outstream ads, or head directly to our website to learn more about the AdPlayer.Pro outstream video advertising solutions.

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