Video Ad Server

A video ad server is a software platform that enables configuring & managing online video ad campaigns, tracking their performance, adjusting & optimizing their settings to achieve maximum results. 

Who needs a video ad server

A video ad serving and ad management platform is a crucial solution for businesses both on the Supply and Demand side, including:

  • Publishers
  • Publishing houses
  • Brand advertisers and ad agencies
  • Ad Networks

Video Ad Server Benchmarks

A high-quality video ad server not only needs to include a powerful functional core, but also an easy-to-grasp user interface, to ensure the setup and delivery of video ad campaigns is handled as smoothly as possible.

As for the functional capabilities of a top-quality video ad server, these need to include:

  • In-built ad-enabled video player technology (with instream and outstream video ad formats support)
  • Support of various types of advertising demand, like the IAB VAST/VPAID and Google IMA, OperRTB, video header bidding, XML, and more
  • Wide array of video ad targeting features and ad waterfall configuration options
  • Flexible integration capabilities into existing monetization ad stack
  • Compliance with the top brand safety tech solutions
  • Robust reporting & analytics (including real-time stats)
  • Custom feature development upon request, etc.

Last but not least, it’s vital to have access to the qualified technical support team whenever it’s required, especially during the onboarding and migration process.

Note! Most video ad serving tech providers don’t offer any video editing services, so the production of creatives should be handled separately, in-house or in collaboration with a third-party video production studio.

Watch a detailed overview of what the AdPlayer.Pro self-serve platform has to offer in our YouTube tutorial, or head directly to our website to find out more about our video ad server pricing and send us the “Demo” request.

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