TCF 2.0

In short, TCF 2.0 (Transparency & Consent Framework v2.0) refers to the second iteration of the framework, specifically developed by IAB Europe to enable businesses on the Supply and Demand side run programmatic advertising campaigns in compliance with GDPR. 

What is TCF 2.0?

From the technical perspective, TCF v2.0 introduces an improved framework, aimed at the more transparent recording and reporting of user consent to their data collection, use and disclosure to third parties, to ensure the protection of users’ privacy rights, as required by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

TCF v2.0 vs. TCF v1.1

The revamped TCF framework offers streamlined guidelines on the recording and transmission of users’ consent signals (i.e. consent strings), adding more transparency, granularity and control over Personal Data collection and use to publishers’ end users, in the first place.

Namely, TCF 2.0: 

  • extends purposes for data processing from five to ten different options (presented separately or in stacks on a publisher’s website/app), providing consumers with the more detailed information on how their Personal Data might be used, hence helping them make a more informed decision on whether to provide or withdraw their consent to it;
  • adds more granularity, in terms of processing of end users’ Personal Data on the legal basis of “legitimate interest”, enabling more publishers’ control over each ad vendor’s access and use of such data;
  • enables end users to object to the processing of their Personal Data by ad vendors, based on their legitimate interest, yet allowing the latter to process such data for the mentioned “legitimate interest” purposes in case there are no restrictrictions and/or objections from the publisher and the publisher’s end user/s, accordingly. 

Correspondingly, TCF v2.0 implies substantially stricter guidelines, regarding the consent popup UX/UI, displayed on publishers’ digital properties (i.e. websites and/or mobile apps). 

TCF v2.0 Benefits

In brief, the industry-wide adoption of TCF v2.0 is expected to foster more transparency and trust across the entire programmatic advertising ecosystem, while ensuring the protection of consumers’ privacy rights and giving them more control over their Personal Data, how it’s being processed and used. 

TCF 2.0 Adoption Time Frame

The enhanced iteration of Transparency & Consent Framework officially came into force on August 15, 2020. More importantly, the relevant TCF v.1 consent strings, as announced, were to be terminated on September 30, 2020. This means publishers need to make sure a consent management platform they’re currently using (either or a third-party CMP or an in-house solution) is compliant with the new framework iteration in order to comply with the new regulation.

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