OM SDK for Web Video

In brief, Open Measurement SDK for web video (also: OM Web Video SDK)  refers to a set of tools, introduced to facilitate the verification of video ad performance on publishers’ web properties.

What is OM Web Video SDK?

Developed by OMWG (i.e. Open Measurement Working Group), OM Web Video SDK was introduced by IAB Tech Lab in December 2020, following the initial release of Open Measurement SDK for Android and iOS back in April 2018. 

Unlike the initially introduced iteration, focused on in-app inventory, OM SDK for web video implies the standardized verification and measurement of video ads, loaded & rendered on the web solely via HTML5 tech (i.e. in an HTML5 video player) on various devices, from desktop computers and laptops to smart TVs and game consoles. 

What’s inside 

From the technical perspective, Open Measurement SDK for web video includes a Javascript library for video ad measurement, likewise as a JS API (also referred to as OMID), which allows communicating ad events data, recorded on a publisher’s web property directly to third-party verification vendors.

Namely, the reported measurements cover all commonly-used VAST metrics (e.g. ad impressions, ad starts, quartile-based views, completed views, and more), as well as user interactions with the ad (screen mode and/or volume changes, ad clicks, etc.)

Benefits of OM Web Video SDK

From a publisher’s perspective, the key benefit of OM SDK for web video lies in their ability to control vendors’ access to their web properties, by assigning granular access permissions to third-party JS tags, utilizing one of the access modes. 

Namely, a Limited access mode implies loading of third-party video ad verification JS tags in an sandboxed iFrame, hence disabling the direct vendors’ access to video ad creatives and limiting their direct measurement capabilities. 

Meanwhile, a Domain access mode implies a third-party measurement JS tag is loaded in a sandboxed iFrame, yet with a number of specific configuration settings. In such a way, a publisher can enable the verification of their web property (i.e. website or domain), while limiting the direct performance measurement of ad creatives.

Last but not least, a Creative access mode implies a third-party JS script loads in the same or a so-to-speak friendly iFrame with a video ad creative, hence enabling direct verification capabilities to the vendor. 

Challenges with Open Measurement SDK for Web Video

One of the main challenges, related to OM Web Video SDK, obviously lies in the lack of its adoption by publishers of web inventory. However, this is likely to change in the upcoming months, if the large market players, like Google and others will continuously enforce its implementation among their supply partners. 

Onboarding & Compliance 

The initial Open Measurement SDK introduction was aligned with a launch of the unique IAB Tech Lab’s non-compulsory compliance program, aimed at fostering its proper implementation and use. 

Similarly, IAB Tech Lab will handle the validation of OM SDK for web video integration by the certified integration partners, as well as the proper utilization of a Domain Access mode by their publishers. 

Learn more about the implementation of OM Web Video SDK and its integration validation in the special onboarding guide for publishers.

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