Сross-Jurisdiction Privacy Project

In brief, the Cross-Jurisdiction Privacy Project (CJPP) refers to the IAB’s initiative, aimed at providing a thorough legal analysis of privacy laws in various countries and their potential impact on the online advertising industry. 

What is CJPP by IAB? 

Even though the Cross-Jurisdiction Privacy Project itself was founded back in August 2020, its activities came into the public’s limelight in July 2021, when the IAB’s Legal Affairs Council officially released the so-called CJPP Compendium – a detailed comparative overview of the currently applicable privacy protection laws and regulations, along with legal specifications, wrapped in a PDF document.

In particular, the CJPP Compendium covers eleven jurisdictions, including Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, China, India, Israel and Nigeria, and provides a thorough legal review of how the privacy laws in these jurisdictions apply to the online advertising market. At the same time, it doesn’t include any information about the adequacy decisions, regarding data protection in the UK.

Key CJPP Compendium Findings 

As discovered, at least 50% of the examined jurisdictions don’t actually mandate End Users’ affirmative consent for digital ad activities, like the election of online ads displayed, or the compilation of audience segments for advertising purposes.

In addition, the findings demonstrate that among all of 11 jurisdictions only Brazil currently requires the granular specification of purposes for Personal Data Collection (similar to what GDPR implies). And only in 3 of 11 jurisdictions, providing a detailed list of companies participating in the ad transaction is required. 

Why It Matters

The release of the CJPP Compendium marks an important milestone in the development of the Global Privacy Platform, encompassing the unified approach to how digital advertising businesses keep up with and adhere to the ever-changing privacy regulations in various parts of the globe.

In particular, the Compendium includes detailed Legal Specifications, mapping out legal outputs for the so-called global privacy string, required to demonstrate businesses’ compliance with often disparate notice & consent/choice requirements in various jurisdictions. 

The full version of the released CJPP Compendium is available on the official IAB’s website at https://iab.com/cjpp

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