Creator Marketing

In plain words, creator marketing refers to marketing of a brand, product or service through partnership with online content creators, usually on various social media channels.

Origins, Specs & Benefits of Creator Marketing 

Creator marketing actually takes its origins from influencer marketing, which is known to be a form of marketing on social media that implies brand / product endorsement by people with significant levels of influence on their follower base, usually on social media. 

What’s peculiar about creator marketing is that it’s built around their unique content (usually audio and/or video), which resonates with their audience, hence drives exceptional viewers’/listeners’ engagement. 

While content creators’ online presence may not necessarily extend to the offline world (or if they have an online business with no inventory, for example), the strong follower base on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, for instance, is what converts them into a perfect medium for brands to reach their target audience in a more native, authentic way.

Unlike in the more conventional advertising campaigns, creator marketing implies a content creator has a substantial amount of freedom in the concept development, production (including a video maker they’re using) and even social media management tools utilized. And this is what enables unlocking brand-new opportunities for advertisers to leverage authentic, and more importantly, highly shareable branded creatives with a high virality potential, which helps spike brand recognition and engage customers more efficiently.

Marketing Goals vs. Types of Creators 

In the past, content creators used to be segmented into two major categories: reach and niche, but in 2019-2021 this trend changed. 

In particular, it has become more common to define a creator not just by their follower base or vertical, but also by the type of content they’re producing (i.e. educational, entertaining or else) and the relevant marketing goal such content might help achieve (i.e. brand building or immediate sales boost, using TikTok for e-commerce or product promotion, etc.). 

Keys to Launching a Successful Creator Marketing Campaign

While the [virality and] success of a creator marketing campaign, in fact, depends on a multitude of factors, there are several crucial aspects to pay attention to, while preparing & launching it:

  • Partner with creators, aligned with your brand’s product or the brand itself. 
  • Diversify your investment by working with a pool of creators, instead of selecting just one. 
  • Prioritize long-term partnerships with a fewer base of loyal content creators, whose work has been driving consistent results.
  • Leverage automation tools (e.g. software for Instagram automation, etc.).

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