Ads.txt Initiative

Ads.txt initiative refers to the Authorized Digital Sellers project by IAB Tech Lab, aimed at increasing transparency across the programmatic advertising landscape. 

Launched back in 2017, the Ads.txt project by far includes three major initiatives, each focused on the specific businesses on either the Supply or Demand side. These include:

  • Ads.txt
  • App-ads.txt
  • Sellers.json & OpenRTB SupplyChain object

What is Ads.txt?

In short, Ads.txt is a list of authorized sellers of a publisher’s ad inventory, published in a specific /ads,txt file in the root folder of the publisher’s website domain. 

The availability of an /ads.txt file for referencing helps build ad buyers’ trust and increases their confidence in the authenticity of the publisher’s inventory, hence has a positive impact on their advertising revenue. 

Read how to implement ads.txt in more detail on the AdPlayer.Pro blog.

What is App-Ads.txt?

App-Ads.txt stands for Authorized Sellers for Apps and was introduced as an extension to the initial Ads.txt initiative, designed to combat fraudulent ad practices in the CTV and mobile app niches. 

App-Ads.txt refers to a list of authorized sellers of an app publisher’s advertising inventory, published to the root folder of their website domain in the /app-ads.txt file.

The implementation of /app-ads.txt enables publishers of mobile apps to demonstrate their transparency, prove authenticity of their inventory, hence improve their reputation and generate more revenue, especially in the programmatic ad niche.

Find out more about the implementation of app-ads.txt  in a brief guide on the AdPlayer.Pro blog.

What is Sellers.json?

Sellers.json refers to the list of publishers (and their account IDs), who are authorized to operate on a particular advertising domain of a supply-side platform (SSP).

What is an OpenRTB SupplyChain Object?

OpenRTB SupplyChain object has been developed to work in tandem with Sellers.json to verify intermediaries involved in the sale of a particular video ad impression. 

The availability of both the Sellers.json and the SupplyChain object for referencing enables verifying the final (end) sellers of a certain bid request in the programmatic supply chain.

Read more about the benefits of Sellers.json for the digital ad industry on our blog.

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