Outstream Solution for Publishers

No video content required. No tech fees. Just added revenue.

AdPlayer.Pro video ad platform enables publishers to monetize editorial content regardless of whether they have on-site video inventory or not.

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What you get with AdPlayer.Pro

Incremental Revenue

  • Additional video ad revenue with no interruption to your current ad stack
  • Higher CPM rates

Proven Technology

  • Lightweight, easy-to-integrate HTML5 video player
  • Multi-format compatible

Positive User Experience

  • Non-intrusive formats
  • Ad —Āreatives relevant to your site content

Dedicated Support

  • Customer-centric service
  • Proactive account management
  • Client assistance and tech support 24/7

Outstream Video SSP

Discover AdPlayer.Pro video supply side platform features:

  • Easy to set up solution
  • Trusted demand partners
  • Available as a direct sales tool
  • Includes backfill options
  • Ensures fast and timely payouts
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Outstream Creative Solutions

Discover our simple yet beautiful outstream ad formats that are non-intrusive to user experience and considerate of their interaction.

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InView Ad Format
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