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Outstream Solution for Publishers

Video ad revenue opportunities for Publishers and Content Creators

AdPlayer.Pro outstream solution enables publishers to monetize editorial content regardless of whether they have on-site video inventory or not.

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Outstream Solution for Publishers | AdPlayer.Pro

What You Get with AdPlayer.Pro

Incremental Revenue
  • Additional video ad revenue with no interruption to your current ad stack
  • Higher CPM rates
  • No video content required
  • No tech fees
  • Pain-free video ad integration using HTML5 player code
Proven Technology
  • In-built, feature-rich HTML5 video ad player technology
  • Compliant with third-party ad servers
  • Passback support:
  • AdPlayer.Pro ​​​JS code
  • Third-party JS code​
  • Relative player ​positioning on ​page​​, w/o ​source code changes
Positive User Experience
  • Non-intrusive video ad units
  • Ad сreatives relevant to your site content
  • Video ad content launches muted and only when in-view
Premium Demand Partners
  • Top-quality brand advertisers​
  • IAB-compliant video ad formats​
  • ​Google-compliant ad verticals
  • Precise ad optimization (geo-, vertical-based, etc.)
Transparent Revenue Share Model
  • Instant access to revenue data aggregated from multiple channels (direct & programmatic ad buying)
  • Advanced statistics reports
  • Multiple data export options
Dedicated Support
  • Customer-centric service
  • Proactive account management
  • Client assistance and tech support 24/7
Outstream Video Ads Solutions
Ad-Enabled Video Player
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Outstream Video Ad Formats
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